There are so many sick people today and majority of them are not aware of their own failing health. Sometimes these people already know that they are sick but choose to ignore them in order to continue their lifestyle. That is why there is a rising number of people dying from a heart disease because of the lifestyle they are living for a long time. But there is also a rising percentage of people promoting better health because they want to live longer.
There are different types of heart disease and they are identified by the symptoms appearing from one individual to another. There are symptoms that points to congenital heart disease which is a kind of heart ailment the person is born with. They can either be detected when they are born or at later time like during childhood or adulthood. The patients that are detected with the congenital heart ailment are reminded earlier by their doctor to watch their health. Other types of heart ailments are due to lifestyle they are carrying with their lives. 

There are risk factors that has led to the worsen condition of the heart disease.
  •   Age - People who are getting older have more risk in attracting heart ailments. This increases the chance of narrowing and damaging the arteries which will thicken or weaken the heart muscles.
  •  Gender - male have a higher percentage of attracting heart illness compared to women whose risks of attracting the disease increases after menopause.
  •  Smoking - the nicotine content found in cigarettes constricts the blood vessels of the heart and the carbon monoxide damages the inner lining which will contribute to attracting atherosclerosis. Heart ailments are common amongst smokers compared to those who do not smoke.
  •  Family history - if previous generations have a history of heart ailments, it is highly likely for the future generations to attract them too. The common heart ailment types that can be inherited by the future generations are congenital and the coronary artery illness. It is also highly dangerous if the parent develops heart ailment at an early age.
  •   Hypertension - a patient diagnosed with hypertension and left uncontrolled can develop thickening and hardening of the arteries of the heart which narrows the vessels where the blood flows.
  • Unhealthy diet - a patient with diet that is high in cholesterol, salt and fat can attract heart ailments.
  •  Diabetes - this disease is known for having high sugar levels and contributes to the worsening of other diseases.
  •  Lack of physical activity - any diseases is associated to physical inactivity.
  •  High stress - people who have not relieved their stress are at high risks of damaging the arteries of the heart. It also includes worsening other risks associated with heart ailments.
It is recommended for patients diagnosed with heart disease to have an appointment with a heart specialist and lead a healthy lifestyle. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, ask your doctor what kind of food you should take and the physical exercise that you should engage in.
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